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Japan returns to the wording “Kuril Islands — the original territory of Japan, which is under the illegal occupation of Russia.”

This wording contains a draft of a new issue of the Blue Book on Diplomacy, the government’s guide to the country’s foreign policy. Since 2012, the government has avoided such wording, hoping to reach a compromise with Russia.

Japan claims four southern islands of the Kuril ridge – Iturup, Shikotan, Kunashir and Habomai. At the end of World War II, these territories were annexed by the Soviet Union, and the Japanese were expelled from them. In 1956, Moscow and Tokyo signed a declaration of an end to attacks, but no peace treaty was concluded.

Why is this important for Ukraine?
Russia has been occupying other countries for decades, destroying peoples and cities. Almost every neighbor of Russia has experienced informational war, occupation or economic attacks. So, other countries have something to fight with the Russians. And if every country starts a battle now, Russia will not be able to stop these processes. And by working together, the world will be able to stop the Rashists and save the annexed lands.

Source: Kiodo Tsusin Agency

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